Skip to content what's new look feel eat move live the chopra well subscribe tue, oct 26 2010 tweet   previous post  |  next post  my toenail bruise isn’t melanoma! buy viagra Health and life lessons from my foot doctor 714 days ago by christine egan | 1 comment | share a tip my beautifully drained toenail bruise, after dr. generic viagra pill in usa Bruce lashley's skillful procedure thanks to the mysterious bruise under my left big toenail, over the past week i’ve learned more about podiatry, acral lentiginous melanoma, and bob marley than i’d ever thought possible. viagra online cheapest That’s because my esteemed foot doctor, dr. Bruce lashley, was concerned that said bruise might actually be the nasty acral lentiginous kind that killed the buffalo soldier. This type of melanoma under the nails, on the soles of the feet, and palms of the hands is, along with behind the eyes, the most common place for melanoma to appear. Wait, but what about skin cancer, you ask? Turns out, that’s much more often basal cell or squamous cell cancer, not melanoma. (i asked dr. viagra online cheapest Lashley the same question. I knew there was a reason i didn’t apply toâ  medical school. viagra overnight delivery ) the bob marley kind of melanoma doesn’t lead to anything good: depending on when it’s caught, you’re basically looking at amputation, chemotherapy, death — or a combination of all three. buy generic viagra online Did i mention i didn’t sleep much this week? viagra online vipps While i wasn’t sleeping, i read plenty of statistics about acral lentiginous melanoma: it’s much less common in younger caucasians (me), and much more common (yet less easier to spot) in asians and black ethnic groups (marley). This offered a modicum of comfort, but then again, stats are just stats. viagra women videos Then i unwisely typed in acral lentiginous melanoma into google images. viagra price True, none of the terrifying and nauseating pictures really resembled my bruise, but somehow that comfort left me pretty cold. So after spending a week trying to convince myself that hopefully i didn’t have stage 4 melanoma that had spread to my lymph nodes, lungs, and brain (not to mention making up a few weak “toe jamming” refrains), this morning i showed up at dr. Lashley’s office. I was nervous and sweaty about two things: 1. Being told that i have cancer. buy cheap viagra

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